The German-Russian Exchange is organising Study Trips to St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia for different foreign groups, who want to understand the current political, social, economic and cultural situation in Russia. In recent years, when the political situation within Russia and its relations to other states became so complicated and differentiated, such Study Trips present a unique chance to evaluate the situation, to discover various perspectives of experts and citizens, and to understand the problems and visions of people living in Russia.

Participants of the Study Trip get the opportunity not only to see, but also to participate in the social and cultural life of St. Petersburg, to meet locals in formal and informal situations and communicate with them about different topics.

Thus, we usually include and propose the following elements for the programme in St. Petersburg (or other cities):

  • Excursions / walking tours with special focuses (traditional overall history and museums, history of different periods, architecture of different periods and styles, urban and social development, political dimension);
  • Visits and meetings with discussions (social and welfare organizations, interesting innovative social entrepreneurs and start-ups, popular creative spaces in lofts with local exhibitions, universities and lectures on different topics, political parties, some factories and plants);
  • Meetings and parties with different social communities; interactive training or reflection on intercultural communication with experienced trainers; informal meetings with local people.

The German-Russian Exchange has a broad experience in organising Study Trips for different groups (students, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists etc.), therefore, it is ready to construct special programmes for every Study Trip depending on the interests of the participants, their age, social and professional background. The duration of the Study Trip can vary from 3 to 10 days, any season. Accommodation, food, logistics and translation can be also organized by the German-Russian Exchange upon request. The costs will be calculated, depending on the type of accommodation and food, programme, and duration and number of participants.

We invite you to have a look at the most recent study trips:

Study trip for students from German universities (25 February – 3 March 2020);

Study trip for students from Munich (16-22 February 2020);

Study trips of Russian eco-activists to Munich and Munich eco-activists to St. Petersburg (18-22 September 2019);

Post-elections, in a different World… Germany/EU and Russia: Return to better Times? (February 2019)

We are ready also to organise some elements of Study Trips, i.e. excursions / walking tours with special focuses, visits and meetings with discussions, meetings and parties with different social communities; interactive trainings or reflection on intercultural communication with experienced trainers; informal meetings with local people for groups and individual guests of St. Petersburg, on their request.

If you are hosting guests in St. Petersburg, we can help you organise a social programme for them – excursions, visits and meetings with experts, activists and residents on any socially important topics.

If you are interested in the cooperation on Study Trips or social programmes in St. Petersburg and or other cities of Russia, please write us on

Read the story about study trips organised by the NRO, which was written by our volunteer from Germany and participant of the trips in February-March 2020 Sabina Triseckin here.