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International Internships in Russia

BridgeIt is actively organising the hosting of the international interns in the Russian non-governmental, nonprofit and for-profit organisations as well as in the social, cultural and educational projects, museums etc. 

Email us at ag@obmen.org if:

  • you are a student or young specialist interested in doing an internship in Russia and would like to assist you with organising it including search for organisation, accommodation, visa issues etc., 
  • you represent an European organisation interested to become our partner and organise an internship in Russia for youth from your country. 

For example, now we are permanently working with two organisations. The first one is the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI, the second biggest educational organisation in Finland after the Ministry of Education and Culture. We have been cooperating with EDUFI since 2002 and have organised internships for about 150 young people from Finland. Another partner is Service Civil International SCI Switzerland, the biggest voluntary organisation in Switzerland. Together with SCI Schweiz, in 4 years we have provided internships for 22 people.

How the process is working: twice a year, in spring and autumn, we receive applications from already selected candidates from Finland and Switzerland for an internship in Russia. The whole year, we also receive individual applications from young people from other European countries. We help all of them to find a suitable place for an internship in Russia.

For this purpose, we:

  • arrange the arrival of the interns from other European countries to work in Russian social, environmental, human rights and cultural organisations. We select organisations based on the profile of candidates, their interests and motivation,
  • help to arrange all needed aspects of the interns’ stay in Russia: we calculate visa and transportation costs, help with the visa invitation and registration, find accommodation and language courses,
  • provide consulting support to both host organisations and interns to make the stay of international interns in Russian organisations comfortable and effective for both sides.

The cost of NRO services is calculated depending on the quantity and character of organisational support provided.

We would be happy to organise more international internships in Russia, because we believe that it contributes to the widening of horizons of both international interns and Russian host organisations, as well as cities in general and at the end to a better understanding among peoples. So please write to us, if you are looking for such opportunities in Russia.

We also host foreign volunteers for long term periods of up to 1 year within the European Solidarity Corps programme. You can read the reviews of our volunteers HERE.