Autumn Meetings are annual public discussions, master classes, lectures and workshops on European topics organised by the NRO in St. Petersburg every year at the end of September since 2017. Permanent partners of the Autumn Meetings in St. Petersburg are the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Moscow, Centre for German and European studies (St Petersburg University – Bielefeld University), educational platform Trava, Dutch Institute, Polish Institute, Goethe Institute, French Institute, Italian Institute of Culture and other European cultural institutions in St. Petersburg.

Autumn Meetings are held as a continuation of the tradition of the annual Autumn Meetings in Berlin held by the German-Russian Exchange of Germany in the last 20 years. But although the idea came from Berlin, it has been adapted in St. Petersburg to the needs and interests of the Russian audience. The focus on current European topics helps, to better understand together with experts from different European countries new trends in the development of European societies and the specifics of Russian processes.

The format consists of 4 one-hour podium discussions with 2-3 speakers from different countries and one moderator. During coffee breaks, the space is reformatted into an open space for more intensive informal communication with each speaker individually. Catering during the open space and after discussions is traditionally provided by the “Food Saves the World” community. In addition to podium discussions on the same day, before and after that day public lectures, master classes and workshops with European guests are organised at various locations in the city.

The theme of the first Autumn meetings in 2017 was wide-ranging: “How is Europe Changing?” and panel discussions focused on how multiculturalism, the European idea, civil society and activism are changing in Europe. For more details, see AUTUMN MEETINGS 2017.

The theme of the Autumn Meetings in 2018 was formulated more narrowly. Within the framework of the general theme “How Do Information Technologies Change Europe?” the questions were chosen on how the labour, European media, politics, states and activism under are changing under the influence of information technologies. For more details, see AUTUMN MEETINGS 2018.

In 2019, Autumn Meetings were dedicated to the theme “How Is Education Changing in Europe?”, which discussed new trends in school, higher and additional education. For more details, see AUTUMN MEETINGS 2019.

The 2020 theme is formulated as  “How Are Urban Communities Changing in Europe?”.  We invite everyone who is interested in this topic to cooperate: you can also suggest relevant European guests whom we can invite. More information will be published soon.