Au Pair is an international cultural exchange programme in which a young person stays with a visiting family in another country for several months (from 6 to 12), helping with childcare and household maintenance. More information, including links to international agreements in this area, can be found on Wikipedia

The German-Russian Exchange St. Petersburg organises the participation of citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine in the Au Pair programme in Germany and Austria.

Au-pair Programme in Germany 

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for Au Pair programme participants from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The demand for Au Pair by German families makes the process of searching for a host family and processing documents faster and more accessible: it usually takes 1-2 months.

However, the prevalence of Au Pair in Germany contributes to the fact that participants often find families themselves and leave without a legally competent contract, what can create problems for all sides. Therefore, our experience shows that successful cooperation depends both on sending organisation in Russia and the host organization in Germany.

The host family in Germany provides an Au Pair with:

– accommodation (separate lockable room);

– power supply;

– 260 € pocket money per month (paid weekly or monthly, usually to the personal Au Pair account);

– partial refund of airfare to Germany (100 €);

– compensation for part of the language course (min. 50 € per month or full course fee);

– transportation costs to language courses, for which the participant must have free time.

Duties of the Au Pair:

– childcare and easy housework: 30 hours per week (5-6 hours per day);

– minimum 1 day off per week (Saturday or Sunday);

– 4 weeks paid leave.

Au-pair Programme in Austria

Austria is undoubtedly an integral part of the German-speaking world and a very beautiful country, which makes it interesting and attractive for the Au Pairs from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to go there.

The host family in Austria provides an Au Pair with:

– free accommodation (single room);

– free meal three times a day;

– pocket money 560 € per month;

– in the first half of the year the family pays 1/2 of the German language course (€ 25 – 150);

– transportation costs to language courses.

Duties of the Au Pair:

– childcare and easy housework: 19 hours per week (including 1-2 evenings per week);

– minimum 1 day off per week (Saturday or Sunday);

– 5 weeks paid vacation.

Preparation of Au Pairs in the German-Russian Exchange

The German-Russian Exchange is an experienced sending organisation in the Au Pair programme, as our coordinators themselves have actively participated in exchange and are very experienced in the coordination.

After the potential participants have applied for the programme, the NRO coordinator conduct an online interview, which clarifies the participant’s motivation and most appropriate city and family. Next, the NRO helps to finalise the application by translating the participants’ motivation letter, application form, letters of recommendation, educational documents and medical certificates into German.

After all the necessary document have been collected, the NRO together with a partner host organisation in Germany or Austria, are looking for a host family. The curators accompany the participants in their communication with the host family: they pay attention to what should be clarified and included into the contract.

In Germany and Austria, the NRO works only with licensed agencies, which aims not just to attach the Au Pair to the family, but to find the most suitable option for all sides.

If you are a host agency or a hosting family in the EU countries looking for Au Pairs from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, please contact us to discuss the possible cooperation.

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Feedback from Participants

Natasha Melnikova (currently completing her medical studies in Germany):

Hello, everyone, I want to share my little #aupair story. I was inspired to this programme by my great love for Germany and great interest and desire to speak German. I have read a lot of reviews about this programme and was ready to live through this year. I was looking for a family for a long time and I was already a little upset because I wanted to leave in September to get into the school year. In the end, time went by and I couldn’t find a family, and I was ready for any options in despair, because it was coming up to November. My wonderful mentor Ksenia Grudkina from the German-Russian Exchange said that I should look for a family which I like, because I would live there for a year. We found this family, and now I’ve been living in it for eight months, and I can’t say anything bad about them. The family really cares about me as a family member. I can see that and I really appreciate it. And of course, I do not stay in debt and do everything that is possible from my side: help and try to make sure that I am not too much in their lives, because no matter how you twist, and this is not your home family (it is better not to forget about it). So I was lucky, and life brought me together with educated, tactful and very nice people. I have pulled up my German and thanks to this programme I have the incentive and the opportunity to move on and start thinking about starting my own family. Thank you NRO and I wish everyone good luck!!!

One of our first Au Pairs in Austria ran a blog where she detailed her daily life as an Au Pair, you can read it here (in Russian):                                                                                                                        

A detailed report of Polina Chalais about her programme in Germany can be found here.