The Autumn Meetings 2020 are open discussions and online workshops with European activists, municipal deputies, urbanists and practitioners of cultural institutions about how urban communities are growing and developing.

The topic “How Are Urban Communities Changing in Europe?” has been actively discussed in Russia over the past few years: the number of grassroots initiatives of residents in cities continues to grow. Citizens come together in communities to change the places where they live, to exchange ideas, experiences and resources. We believe that community building and the active role of citizens in this process is the way to an open and free civil society.

In Europe, urban communities have been a part of the process of building a dialogue between authorities, business and citizens’ demands for much longer than in Russia. Urban communities have been actively involved in city life and have gained the power to participate in decision-making processes.

We want urban and local communities in Russia to be able to get to know European experts and community members, exchange experiences and learn from each other. In the Autumn Meetings 2020, together with European and Russian experts, we will discuss the role of urban communities and bottom-up projects, aims and challenges that communities face. Through the discussion of broader European developments, people can widen their horizons and better define their own challenges.

We invite experts, coordinators and participants of local urban communities, artists working with urban spaces, and all those interested in the theme of communities and their role in the city.

The Autumn Meetings are free for everyone. The working languages of the event are English and Russian, with simultaneous translation.

This time the Autumn Meetings will be held in a hybrid format — if you are in St. Petersburg you can attend the event in person, if you are in a different part of the world please join us online!

Recordings of the discussions are available here:

1 Day

2 Day

3 Day

4 Day

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