were organised by the NRO on September 28, 2019 in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation Russia, Centre for German and European Studies (St. Petersburg State University – University of Bielefeld), Polish Institute in St. Petersburg, Goethe Institute in St. Petersburg, Italian Institute of Culture St. Petersburg, French Institute in St. Petersburg.

Autumn Meetings – 2019 was already the third annual public event of this kind on European topics, organised by the German-Russian Exchange in St. Petersburg in cooperation with other partners, similar to the annual autumn meetings in Berlin, held for over 20 years by the German-Russian Exchange in Germany.

The idea of the Autumn Meetings on European topics is to discuss contemporary European challenges and changes as a response to the interest of the Russian public on how modern Europe is changing. Discussions with Europeans, who can speak deeply and in an accessible way about the nature and consequences of modern changes, are important for expanding the horizon of participants and their better understanding of their own lives.

The Autumn Meetings – 2019 were attended by 12 speakers and 5 moderators from 7 European countries, with 10 experts coming from other European countries or Moscow to St. Petersburg specifically for the Autumn Meetings. The total number of participants was about 250 people, including experts and moderators, and about 10 volunteers. The programme of events included full day discussions on September 28 as well as 6 additional public lectures and workshops on other days in different parts of the city.

Programme September 28, 2019:

Saint-Petersburg, Grazhdanskaya str. 13-15, Berthold Center, SDVIG Space

– 12.30 Opening

– 13.00 – 14.00: How Is School Education Changing in Europe: organisation, school children and teachers, methodologies

In cooperation with the School Projects initiative.

Moderator: Ksenia Gavrikova, “School Projects”, St. Petersburg


Adam Stępiński, Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium, Tarnobrzeg, Poland

Sulev Valdmaa, Civic Education Centre at Jaaan Tõnisson Institute, Tallinn, Estonia

Irina Solonova, Ruspro Education, Finnish-Russian Educational Marathon, Saint Petersburg, Russia

– 14:00 – 14:30: Open space

– 14:30 – 15:30: How Is Higher Education Changing in Europe: needs and adaptation to the technologies and information society, students and professors, methodologies 

Moderator: Armen Aramyan, founder and editor of “DOHA” Journal, Moscow, Russia


Ewa Chmielecka, Warsaw University of Economics, Poland

Detlef Zack, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Mikhail Sokolov, European University in St. Petersburg, Russia

– 15:30 – 16:00: Open space / coffee

16:00 – 17.00: How Is Life-Long-Learning Education Changing in Europe: governmental and non-governmental programmes and projects, edutainment, informal education methodologies, international exchange

Together with the “Trava” educational platform.

Moderator: Olga Polyakova, “Trava”, St. Petersburg, Russia


Josette Combes, President, NOVETAT Institute for Research and Development ‘(Midi-Pyrénées), France

Anna Litvinenko, German-Russian Exchange, Berlin, Germany

Arseny Konnov, Metaversite, St. Petersburg, Russia

– 17:00 – 17:30: Open space / coffee

– 17:30 – 18:30: What Education Do People Need Now and Tomorrow, and How It Can Adopt to These Needs? 

Moderators: Elena Belokurova, director of the German-Russian Exchange in St. Petersburg, Johannes Foswinkel, head of the Russian office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


Jason Nardi, RIPESS Europe, Italy

Fritz Pleitgen, Journalist, Cologne, Germany

Alice Bezman, Edutainme, Moscow, Russia

– 18:30 – 19:00: Open space / coffee

– 19.00 Closing

In addition to the discussions on September 28, before and after that day public lectures and workshops were organised at various locations in St. Petersburg with the participation of European guests of Autumn Meetings:

27 September, 16:00 – 18:00, Polish Institute in St. Petersburg (5th Sovetskaya, 12):

Master Class for English teachers, Language: English

“Online Tools for Daily English Teaching and Project Work: Opportunities of the Asia-Europe Foundation”, Adam Stepinski, teacher of English and History at the Nikolaus-Kopernikus-School in Tarnobrzeg, Poland.

27 September, 18:30, European University of St. Petersburg (Gagarinskaya 6/1):

Speech by Armen Aramyan, Editor-in-Chief, DOHA Journal, Moscow, Language: Russian

“University in/not in Politics: What Concepts of Politics and University are Used in Discussions on the Political Neutrality of the Academy?”

29 September, 13:00, Rosa’s recreation center (Big Raznochnaya, 24):

Open discussion with Josette Combes, President, NOVETAT Institute for Research and Development (Midi-Pyrénées), France, and Jason Nardi, Coordinator, RIPESS Europe, Italy

“Solidarity in Economy, Communities and Artistic Practices.”

Languages: English and French with translation into Russian

29 September, 14:00 – 17:00, German-Russian Exchange (Ligovsky Ave. 87):

Speech and workshop, Salev Valdmaa, historian, teacher of history and social studies, head of Jaaan Tonisson Institute’s Center for Civic Education, Tallinn, Estonia

“School Education in Estonia”, Language: Russian

29 September, 18:00, House on Sredny (Sredny pr. 48): Open discussion with Josette Combes, President of the Research and Development Institute NOVETAT (Midi-Pyrénées), France, and Jason Nardi, Coordinator of RIPESS Europe, Italy

“Solidarity in Economics, Communities and Social Projects”, languages: English and French with translation into Russian

30 September, 19:00, Metacherdak (5th Line, 54): Workshop with Jason Nardi, RIPESS Europe, Italy “Ethical Finance”, Languages: English and Russian