From 18 to 22 September 2019 six representatives of the non-profit association Green City e. V. visited St. Petersburg

On the first day the German colleagues visited the project “Karpovka’s Friends”, which was realised by citizen activists. Afterwards there was a public meeting in the German-Russian Exchange, where various environmental activists from St. Petersburg had the opportunity to exchange ideas with those from Munich about their own environmental projects.

On the two following days our German guests visited the cities of Pushkin and Gatchina to see the local initiatives and greening projects of the local residents. Among other things, they planted a tree in the Katharinenpark, visited the waste recycling centre in Gatchina and held a lesson on zero waste in a school.

On the weekend, the German guests took part in the eco-festivals in Pushkin and Gatchina together with the German-Russian exchange, which were organised by local activists with the experience from Munich and under the same name “Green City”. At the eco-festival in Pushkin the citizens had the opportunity to separate their self-brought garbage directly on site. There was also a book exchange and a flea market where donations for children were collected. The whole thing was accompanied by a musical and folklore programme.

In Gatchina, local environmental activists as well as some from Green City e. V. gave various lectures on the topics of waste separation, urban greening and green mobility. There were also various booths where the inhabitants sold home-made eco-items such as soap or caps. They also organised a clothes exchange with a fashion show. The musical and creative programme was also very varied and interesting for the locals.

Overall, the visit of the German environmental activists was very successful and inspiring for Russian activists.